“As Mark Twain once said, ‘Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society’. Barbora to me is at the forefront of this belief. Through her passion for fashion and he ability to know the person we aspire to be inside, any man or woman would truly benefit to have her consult them. There is no denying, once your are styled by Barbora, there is no challenge or obstacle that you cannot overcome, all because your outward appearance matches the person you are truly are inside.”
Anthony P. Aglieri-Rinella – CEO & Founder at Algrin Technologies Inc., Toronto

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Barb on several creative projects in Toronto. Aside from offering extremely professional, timely and organized style services, Barb shows up every time with a smile on her face and full of passion for her job. Anytime I have asked for help, advice, or onset services, Barb has delivered far beyond everyone’s expectations.”
Rachel Shute – Jewellery Designer/Workshop Instructor at City and Cedar, Toronto

“Barbora’s style and fashion sense goes beyond high-fashion expertise and transcends into the everyday. Her ability to apply current fashion trends and incorporate them into your own lifestyle and personality make her services not only unique but extremely valuable. She doesn’t work to turn you into a high-fashion runway model, but works to help you become your own unique model while still maintaining your own personal personality. Without a doubt I would highly recommend Barbora Dudinska to anyone looking to enhance their own style personality with the eye of a fashion expert who is friendly, warm and truly talented.”
Christopher Blomkwist – Founder at BeSOCIAL Consulting, Toronto

“Barbora is one of those stylists that doesn’t forget that real life is not a photoshoot. She has this ability to make her client look great while still maintaining an ease and comfort that will carry them through from morning to evening! Her stint in Paris definitely gives her an edge.”
Nathalie Lefort – Fashion Stylist, Paris

“Having the opportunity to have Barb style me on a shoot was inspirational in more ways than one. She has a sharp eye for mixing colours, textures and patterns and that was evident once the shoot was complete and the photos were deliciously stylish and colourful. During the shoot she also demonstrated her passion for working with others. Her bright smile and extremely warm spirit made us more than co-workers for the day. I look forward to the next occasion that I’m able to work with Barb again..”
Amy St-Onge – Owner at Bicyclette Rouge Children’s Boutique, Port Elgin